Millennial Motherhood

I spent the month of April shooting these wonderful young moms.  I want to start off by thanking them for their participation and for allowing me a sneak peak into their day to day.  I truly admire all the hard work and love these women dedicate to their children; this an ode to them.  Being a mom is not easy but they sure made it look fun.  One thing all these moms possessed was enough energy to keep up with the demands of motherhood, an hour after hanging out with them, i was exhausted.  So here is to you young New York City moms.  We appreciate you!  Happy Mothers Day.  Narrowing these pictures down was so tough, it was a pleasure shooting your beautiful families. 

Double Trouble:  Yelitza with her 3 year old Layla and baby brother Dash.  

Young MUA:  Melody daughter of Alyssa Mendez

Future Big Brother:  Ethan first born of Katrina Wiley

Andreina's mini me better known as Lorelai Luxe.
Ashley's little man, Aiden 7 months old.

Grayson giving me rebel with out a cause vibes; son to one of my oldest friends, Amy!

Sasha's son Jack gave me a run for my money.  Cant wait to see you skateboarding.

Celina's son Zachary, 2 has heartbreaker written all over him.  Too cute!!

Gabby with the youngest of the bunch coming in at 3 months old, Mia!