Meet Natalie

“Do not forget your roots,”

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie right out of college when I entered the workforce.  By workforce, I mean RFID labels, and stocking leggings in a plethora of colors at American Apparel. We recently spent a day together, that was filled with tequila, conversation, and Amy Winehouse. At least that is what I remember.  One thing I am sure of, is how easy it was for me to feel at home with Natalie like talking to a cousin you haven't seen in a while.  Maybe it’s an island thing, or maybe it’s a Natalie thing, regardless I had such a good time.

One of the reasons I admire Natalie is her unwavering tenacity.  She was born in the Bronx and lived there for most of her childhood but moved back to Puerto Rico after her father retired.  They moved to a small town near the coast called, Humacao.  The experience of going from the big city to this small town fostered a bashful Natalie with a wild imagination. 

This move was not made in vain, Natalie and her sister were enrolled in a performing arts school, where she explored her love for acting and theater.  This became the outlet for her vivid imagination.  After learning what the role of a producer entailed, she changed her goals from actress to head lady in charge.  

In 2012 Natalie moved back to New York City.  Within three months she was back in school, studying Television and Radio.  After a year and a half of working and juggling school, Natalie decided it was time to take her passion and apply it to a job she actually loves.  She gave herself a month to find something more fulfilling and two weeks later she was hired in a production company.  She started off as an executive assistant and has worked her way up to Coordinator/Associate Producer.  She has worked on multiple projects including, Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer.   Her latest work is Generation Iron 2 which will be released in May of this year. While working on her most recent project, Natalie traveled to Kuwait, which really humbled and taught her so much about a quite misunderstood culture.  She was welcomed with open arms into a seemingly male dominated community. 

She is heavily inspired by Mindy Kaling, Tyler Perry, and Ava Duvernay because these talented creators manage to tell stories that inspire and include our communities.  Natalie hopes one day to empower women in less fortunate situations around the world through film while educating the more privileged masses.  

I think my favorite thing about Natalie is her relationship with her family.  During our day out, she received a face-time call from her mom, and the smile on her face could out shine the sun. It seems she's been gifted not just with excellent drive, but an incredibly supportive family.  "My father would run out to get me the moon and the stars.  My mom will probably be the one putting them back up there and making me work for them."  It is clear that her upbringing has only fuled that Aries fire energy.  I personally cant wait to see how much further Natalie takes it all.