Paint and Chill

Paint and Chill creates a safe space for New York City artist to engage, encourage, and build with each other through music, visual art, and spoken word.  Its easy to get caught up in the competitive world the "Instagram generation" has created but Paint and Chill manages to connect people beyond social media.  And to be honest, its quite a refreshing experience. 
Paint and Chill was created earlier this year by friends and business partners, Janica, Megan, Gina, and Joel.  This concept came to them during one of their early meetings for Homegrown.  Homegrown is a gluten-free edible company made by some passionate New York natives.  Megan and Gina had the idea to Paint during the meeting since they had some supplies laying around.  

Since that day, the girls were determined to create an event that fostered that same intimate creative experience that they had that night.  They decided to debut their homegrown products at the first Paint and Chill which was held in The Bronx.   The concept of paint and chill is unique and genius, you enter a room full of peers, all painting while surrounded by Visual art, Live painters, Spoken Word, and a DJ.  

Consistency and intimacy is what the girls strive for moving forward with this venture.  You'll most likely never see more than 100 people at this event, and this is deliberate.  Not only does this create a sense of exclusivity, but most importantly it builds a community.   Imagine a room engulfed with good vibes where everyone is happy to see you try, and succeed; this is Paint and Chill. 

Check out: HomeGrownNYC
Shout out to:  Janica and Megan and all the artist who made this event happen

We smoked, talked, painted, it was magical, especially for me. I didnt consider myself a creative, but all our pieces came out lovely. It Inspired me.
— Janica