Meet Synead

“ ‘The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals by Khalil Gibran.’ It always reminds me that I am an endless source. I will always be learning things about myself and I should give myself pause. Be gentle with myself during this life long process.”
— Synead

I met Synead about five years ago on my way to a house party on a cold winter night.  We spotted each other on the 1 train, but had no clue we were going to the same event.  The night consisted of beer pong, a black light, and underage drinking.  As we jumped into a bath tub and proceeded to dance and scream with glee as underage drinkers usually do, I could not have imagined the sheer talent possessed by Synead.

Fast forward to present day, we are no longer underage and experience has taught us much.  Although we are still those kids, screaming in a bath tub as we danced with the potential dangers of alcohol poisoning.  We now dance with our dreams, and scream with excitement the closer we get to reaching them. Synead is a great example of this. 

Synead comes from a large Trini family who migrated to the U.S in the 80s.  She describes her family as a village and became an official member during the summer of ’91.  Her early life consisted of moving between NYC and Delaware, with added travel sprinkled in between which has contributed to Synead’s overwhelming wanderlust and nomadic spirit.  After moving around a lot her family finally settled in Washington Heights, which could definitely explain her love for all things Dominican.  She attended LaGuardia High School of performing Arts as a dance major where she was lucky enough to be surrounded by many talented and inspiring peers.

Synead describes herself as a visual sound sculptor, a movement carver, social norm agitator and a walking bucket of moods.  “To be honest, she's just really extra.”  I have been fortunate enough to hear Synead's amazing singing voice and it’s absolutely in a league of its own.

Synead begin dabbling in music during her middle school years, and falling deeper into the craft later on in high school.  She started playing around with production and has managed to acquire some very useful skills from all her “experiments”.   Although she went to LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts as a dance major, she continued to sing thanks to the support of her parents.  They invested time and money into her talent.  Everything from Vocal Lessons, Theory Classes, Songwriting, the works.  One of her greatest musical influences is Missy Elliot, who according to Synead was the original “Awkward Black Girl” who was not quite “awkward”; but rather innovative.

After getting into the program at Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts in London this past summer, Synead was fortunate enough to continue to expand her talents.  It reignited her love for scripts and character work, not to mention her British accent is high key too legit.  Synead was faced with the fear of "whats next?" immediately after the program's completion, but cleverly used this fear as a catapult towards a new sense of focus.   Getting up everyday in a foreign country with no real plan, Synead chose to make time for her first true love; music.  Crazy how some of the scariest moments in our lives can be the ones to develop our character, talents, and soul the most.

They throw their negativity and then we internalize that and inflict damage on ourselves. Im looking to move beyond that this time.
— Synead

 Some of her upcoming projects include, an EP titled “Songs of Shirley” and a performance art piece.  She will be releasing her first music video this year as well.  As far as accomplishments go, one of Synead’s biggest one is not even music related.  In December of 2014 she helped organize Millions March NYC where 50,000 people came out in solidarity against police brutality.

Synead’s goal is to stop asking for permission and to be gentle to herself.

Synead’s sun is in moody Cancer, her moon is in intellectual Aquarius, and her rising sign is Kanye confident Gemini.   She encompasses a personality that is great at connecting with people and possesses the incredible ability to be understanding and sympathetic.  Synead is a force!



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