Kensington Market and the Search for Cold Tea

We arrived in Toronto on Friday after a grueling 12 hour bus ride from NYC.  Just kidding; the bus ride was anything but grueling, we actually kind of enjoyed it.   Surprisingly my best friend and I, were in disbelief as to how easy the bus ride was for us two.   Historically speaking we don’t do well in long car rides.  But I managed to sleep through most of it, so who am I kidding.  Did I mention the trip into Canada cost me 12 dollars!!!

After finally getting to Toronto at about 6 am, we messaged our Airbnb host in hopes that he would let us check in earlier.  Luckily he let us, and on our walk to the spot, we were pleasantly surprised at our Airbnb choice (which we had chosen on a whim a week prior to arriving in Toronto).  Our bedroom was behind an art gallery right in the middle of Kensington Market.  It was totally hipster Canada vibes.   Kensington Market feels like a movie set to me.  All these eclectic shops selling everything from Crystals, to furniture, to dispensaries.

If you love to eat, Toronto really has it all.  And I was beyond thrilled that every eatery we frequented had vegan options.  Managed to stay vegan for about 98 percent of our time there, I had to try Poutine.

Cindy and I were quite lucky on this random vacation, a couple of years ago, we went on a party cruise, Mad Decent Boat Party and somehow have managed to acquire a plethora of friends from around the world.  Most of our stay consisted of meeting up with said friends and just talking about nothing.  On Friday night we went over to our friends, Glynis home where we had some drinks and talked about life on her porch.  On Saturday night we crashed a housewarming party over at our homegirls Karolina’s apartment and the next day her and her beaux took us around Toronto.

Toronto was the perfect weekend getaway, no car rental needed, lots of art, lots of food, and lots of Graffiti.  

The search for Cold Tea:                

Our first day there, we met the artist who was currently showing his work at the Airbnb.  After a short conversation, we asked him from a locals point of view on tips as to where we should go.  He recommended we try out, Cold Tea.   The next night after stuffing our faces with a big ol Vegan Burrito, we go in search of this place with no luck.   We head over to the housewarming and lightly mention that we were looking for a “Cold Tea.”  It seems we were not crazy for not being able to find it, this place has no sign, no bright lights, no arrows.  The Sunday before we left, our host on our one of a kind Toronto Tour finally managed to take us, and trust me, we would have never found it on our own.  But we walk up to the door, and after a five minute wait on a line, we all decide to ditch the mission.  I guess I’m just happy we actually know where it is now; maybe next time.