Costa Rica: Envision Fest

Costa Rica has been on my traveling "Bucket List" since I first saw it on Laguna Beach, when Kristin Cavalier and her gang of affluent youngsters made a trip there filled with fun, adventures, and of course drama. 

In February, I got the opportunity to go with a friend.  The idea started off, as two friends looking to change and grow going on this adventure together, and having each others back throughout the experience. 

This trip turned out to be an adventure in personal growth and self reflection.  While I went there with someone who seemed reliable, I learned to rely on myself more than anything. This is not to knock this former friend's ability to be a friend but you never truly know someone until you travel with them. Needless to say, we are both glad to be out of each others lives for the most part. 

When i tell you this was a personal experience, i truly mean it.  I spent a lot of time alone in Costa Rica.  When i first arrived I was an emotional wreck because at that point this trip was jeopardizing something back home (or so i thought).  Even though I was in Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been in, my mind was in dirty, grimy NYC.  Go figure.  I had trouble adjusting to the time difference. In Costa Rica, time moves painfully slow (at least to a New York City girl; where minutes feel like seconds).  

It took me days to get adjusted to the time, and to bring my mind from NYC to Dominical, Costa Rica.  Once I adjusted to the time we made a few friends, local and travelers, we finally went to Envision Fest. 

Envision Fest is a beautiful festival held in Costa Rica.  Its a four day festival, filled with music, art, and workshops.  

The first day there my "partner in crime" got FUCKED UP, and left me crying in a tent leaving me to call my best friends back home regretting ever going to Costa Rica in the first place.  

The second night, however, we both decided to go our separate ways and down the rabbit hole i went, alone.  While at first, I was ecstatic not to have to take care of anyone, i felt so painfully alone.  Everyone seemed to have a home base; a tribe of sorts.  I remember sitting near the back of a stage, music blasted at like 5 am, talking to a Tico, as he dips into his bag of goodies, to enjoy his night further as i watched feeling so alone.  

I had no idea where my friend was, I looked up to the tallest palm trees and just kept wishing i had someone there with me, wishing i had a home base, a tribe of my own in beautiful Costa Rica.  

The third night, i begged my friend to stick by me.  I didn't wish to spend anymore alone time in Costa Rica.  At least not on my Alice in Wonderland adventures.  This time around he was just too tired from all the fun he had the night before.  I couldn't blame him, we had two totally separate experiences the night before, and while I did manage to talk to a lot of people, none of them felt like my own personal tribe.

So i threw his ass in a hammock, and off i went, down the rabbit hole again, but this time, totally ready to own the night.  And boy did I!  

This was the switch between the beginning of my vacation and the end of it. This was the pivotal moment, i felt it in the air, and in my sense of self.  My favorite memory of that night, was dancing alone with every pitter patter of my corazon to Lee Reynolds. Hands down one of the best DJs i have ever heard and no lie, this guy has to be pushing 60 years old.  I've never danced so hard in my entire life, and I've never felt so alive.

I remember this beautiful girl, was dressed like a bird and every dance move she made was bird like; I'm talking bird like twerks and all.   It was surreal, it was exquisite, I couldn't take my eyes off of her.  

The whole experience changed after this night.  The last night me and my friend reunited and enjoyed the last night of the festival together (i was too tired to care at this point; anyway).  

Back to Dominical we went, i only had about 6 days left in my vacation in CR and wanted to make the best of it.  Dominical was beautiful, every day at around 4pm everyone would gather at the beach and watch the sunset.  We made friends from Israel, New Zealand, Hawaii, California, and Canada.  I managed to meet #MadFam friends later on in Jaco where we went to dinner and enjoyed a beautiful sunset together.  I was there for two weeks so i could go on forever about my experience there. 

Costa Rica was a vacation in self reflection.  Best lesson learned during my trip was to enjoy the "Now".  Be exactly where you are while you're there.  I'm glad I experienced Costa Rica this way.  Next time, and trust me, there will be a next time, I plan to bring a tribe and absolutely make Costa Rica my bitch.