Meet Samari

Samari Gutierrez was born and raised in Washington Heights.  She loves thrifting, reading, traveling, eating, meeting new people and spending quality time with her family.  Although she was born a Virgo, she says she has always felt like a Leo.

I met Samari at a BBQ and her hair stood out to me for all its fabulousness.  Weeks later we are shooting and talking about her travel plans.  Next stop, Trinidad and Tobago.   It truly is a pleasure meeting like minded fiery Latinas like myself.  This New York City native has a beautiful raspy voice to match her brilliant smile.  

I plan to leave a legacy behind, to be the last gutierrez to say i didnt come from money and make sure that my family is taken care of. My goal is to show people there is so much beauty out there in the world and its possible to go out and explore it.
— Samari