Meet Rebecca

I got the pleasure of meeting this beauty on the inaugural Mad Decent Boat Party, she was rapping along to Too Short as Scrillex managed to mix hip hop into EDM, Star Wars madness.  That will literally only make sense to those who were there.  Since then I have been social media stalking Rebecca on her musical endeavors.  When I found out she was in New York, I jumped on the chance to shoot her.  

Rebecca grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has lived in Montreal, Toronto and Los Angeles.  What has drawn me to Rebecca besides her unyielding airy Gemini confidence is her overall welcoming energy.  Since meeting her, I have never felt like I couldn’t just go up to her and say “Whats up, girl? How have you been?”

Rebecca is an artist, who describes herself as an impatient perfectionist who doesn’t like rules.  Her idols include Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.  She compares her creative process to that of Jimi Hendrix’ as she is too a world traveler.  She started taking music seriously in the past 3 years but has always written poetry.  Started rapping at 17 and hasn’t looked back since.

Her lifetime goal is to be an international DJ and rapper headlining festivals and tours.  She is currently working on her second album, “The Slim Lady LP”.  On December 23rd she will be at the Avalon Hollywood (hit her up to be put on the guest list if youre in the L.A area).  Her first song with Riff Raff will be remixed by Choppa Dunks and Released on Ear Cyndy on January 1st. Her second song with Riff Raff comes out soon after with features from Panther and Mike G from Odd Future.

I have been lucky to be around ambitious women and Rebecca is clearly no exception.